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A cruiser resembling a stately European home, with stylish bay windows

  • A cruiser resembling a stately European home, with stylish bay windows
  • A wide-open deck space
  • A multipurpose cruiser that's perfect for barbeque parties and karaoke parties

The Oriental is a party boat with bay windows that call to mind a stately European home. Beloved by passengers of all ages, it offers the chance to enjoy your preferred cruise course. Activities like barbecuing and karaoke on the sea can provide an out-of-the-ordinary experience. The Oriental can take you on the best cruise with your preference of season, time of day, and course.

Details of the Oriental[1]

This is the basic layout on board the Oriental. The spacious cabin seats up to 40 people. With the addition of tablecloths and flowers, it's perfect for a wedding afterparty.

Details of the Oriental[2]

This layout is perfect for a stand-up dining party.
Setting up the buffet tables in the center with seating around the perimeter enables guests to interact with each other freely.

Details of the Oriental[3]

Another layout option for a semi-stand-up dining party can be achieved by adding more seats. Feel free to speak about your layout requests with your concierge, who can make detailed layout arrangements.
*Balloon decorations are optional.

Details of the Oriental[4]

The Oriental's deck is a spacious place where you can enjoy the views of Tokyo Bay in the open air, bathed in refreshing sunlight during the daytime. A group photo with the amazing view as a backdrop is sure to be a treasured item that deepens the ties among guests.

Details of the Oriental[5]

The Oriental's elegant atmosphere, resembling a stately European home, makes an evening cruise even more romantic.

Details of the Oriental[6]

These are the basic layouts of the cabin and second-floor deck.

Cruiser type Medium-sized party boats
Passenger capacity 53 passengers
Comfortable seating Main floor approx.40 person
Deck type Aft deck, fore deck, second-floor deck
Restroom type femal1, male1
Other Large TV monitor, CD, DVD, iPod (bring your own wiring), PC connection (bring your own wiring), Karaoke available, BBQ available

Basic routes available when cruising on the Oriental

Piers available when cruising on the Oriental