Anniversary Cruise: Helping to create unforgettable events through chartered cruises of Tokyo Bay, the Port of Yokohama, and Chiba

Available and departing 24 hrs./day





A wide range of onboard dining is available,
including buffet, barbeque, and sushi

Tora Deli: Spice Journey, a popular delicatessen in Tokyo's Toranomon area that uses spices from around the world, produces cuisine and food service made to order for Anniversary Cruise. In addition to 225 daily combinations of deli choices with brown rice, pasta, abundant vegetables, and other ingredients into a menu that's always fascinating, we also offer hearty meats, seafood, and other options. Enliven your onboard party with a diverse combination of Tora Deli's specialty of stylish dishes made with healthy, spicy, and seasonal ingredients, with choices for meat lovers, vegans, and vegetarians.



Choice of bento boxes

We can offer a wide range of bento choices to suit your needs.
Feel free to consult with us about your preferences, such as hearty choices for parties with numerous male guests and the addition of colorful desserts for those with numerous female guests.



Anniversary buffet

The chef will board on the day of the cruise and serve carefully-crafted cuisine on board, made using carefully-chosen ingredients and methods. This buffet plan is recommended for that special party cruise.


Chef’s special buffet

This buffet features a lineup of dishes that's a little more varied than the standard menu, with additional seafoods and gorgeous presentation. Everybody will enjoy this menu that's perfectly suited to a party cruise.


Standard buffet

This Italian menu is popular for corporate banquets and wedding afterparties. With a full range of hors d'oeuvres, main dishes, and desserts, it's popular among women guests as well.


Casual buffet

With a focus on hors d'oeuvres along with hearty rice dishes, this menu is recommended for casual parties. We offer affordable plans for a taste of the out-of-the-ordinary during the cruise.



Gold plan (authentic BBQ)

This meaty menu plan featuring thick cuts of steak, paella packed with seafood, and dessert to cleanse the palate delivers the ultimate luxury onboard BBQ.


Silver plan (authentic BBQ)

This reasonably-priced authentic BBQ menu plan features thick cuts of steak, paella packed with seafood, and dessert to cleanse the palate.


Deluxe plan

Enjoy a BBQ on board the cruiser with this deluxe plan, with a full, satisfying range of meats and dishes. It also can be combined with other menu plans.


Standard plan

Enjoy a BBQ on board a wide range of cruisers, accommodating from two to 200 passengers.



Onboard sushi chef plan

This plan, in which an expert sushi chef prepares fresh sushi right before your eyes, is recommended as a special experience.



Other option

Why not add to your dining plan a dessert buffet that's very popular with women, or assorted cheeses to serve with wine and other beverages?



All-you-can-drink menu

Enjoy a beverage prepared by a specialized bartender in the out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere of a sea cruise with beautiful views.
*Available menus may vary by boat.
*Premium beverage options are available in addition to the standard plans, including upgraded beers and sparkling wine for toasts.




Nestled in a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle of Roppongi's Nishiazabu area, Citabria (now L'Effervescence) offers unique international cuisine with both simplicity and warm hospitality, made using healthy organic ingredients, fruits, and herbs in abundance.

Name Citabria Catering
Budget per diner 8,000JPY
Reservations deadline Please make reservations at least one week in advance.


Halal menu (a welcome choice for Islamic diners)

We offer delicious dishes prepared properly in accordance with halal techniques for Islamic diners.
Since only foods that have passed strict inspection are eligible for the halal label, these dishes are healthy and delicious for all diners, not only Muslims.

ジャンル Halal menu
Budget per diner 2,000JPY~
Reservations deadline Please make reservations at least one week in advance.

イタリアンのコース ピザ、パスタ、サラダ

Authentic Homestyle Italian

Enjoy the delicious tastes and warm hospitality of Elio's grandmother: vera (authentic) Italian cuisine delivered with a smile, from hors d'oeuvres through the first, second, and third courses and after-meal coffee.

Name Elio Locanda Italiana
Budget per diner 10,000JPY
Reservations deadline Contact us


100% vegetarian vegetable dishes

The word "vegetable" comes from the Latin vegetus, meaning healthy, fresh, and invigorating. We can offer a menu plan entirely composed of dishes using fresh vegetables, seaweed, and grains, suited to the number of guests in your party. It's sure to satisfy vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Budget per diner 8,000JPY
Reservations deadline Please make reservations at least one week in advance.

和食 会席料理

Japanese cuisine at the intersection of the modern and traditional

We offer the ultimate in Japanese cuisine, made with painstaking care by an up-and-coming young chef using carefully selected seasonal ingredients. Vegetables and other ingredients are chosen with care, reflecting conditions that vary from day to day, and then prepared to draw out the full flavor of each ingredient. Enjoy a new kind of authentic Japanese cuisine, incorporating innovative methods into traditional techniques.

Name Kurayamizaka Miyashita, Aoyama
Budget per diner 8,000JPY
Reservations deadline Please make reservations at least one week in advance.