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Cruise options

Make your event even more spectacular

We offer a wide range of options to ensure your event will be unforgettable.
Choose one or more to spend the best possible time with your important guests.




Maguro Carving Show

The ultimate in entertainment, led by skilled Japanese craftspeople--that's what the Maguro Carving Show is all about. While chanting powerfully in unison, craftspeople carefully prepare a whole maguro for dining. Guests get to enjoy the tuna as delicious fresh sashimi as well.




The kagamibiraki opening of the sake cask with wooden hammers is perfect for toasting a company anniversary or other celebration. There's no better way to open a banquet than with shouts of "Yoisho!" while participants break open the cask. This option also is recommended for entertaining guests from overseas.




The tricks of the highly-skilled magician are sure to draw all guests to the show. A wide range of choices is available, including table magic or a stage show. It's a great way to surprise and entertain guests.



Belly dancing

Beautiful belly dancers are sure to enliven any party. The atmosphere heats up as guests participate in the show, too. This is recommended as an option enjoyable for all guests, young or old, male or female.


Balloon release

Having guests simultaneously release balloons filled with their hopes and wishes brings them together. The balloons can also be used to decorate the ship until the balloon release. This option is recommended especially for memorable events such as weddings and company anniversaries.


Ninja performers

Professional ninja performers active across Japan demonstrate their stealthy techniques on board the cruise! This professional group of performers was formed to pass along the traditional Japanese skills of the ninja to the present age through authentic ninja performances in front of adults and children from around the world.

Mochitsuki experience

Experience on board the Japanese tradition of mochitsuki: making tasty rice cakes. Leave everything from preparations to the ingredients, utensils, and cleanup to us. This option is recommended not only for new year events but for other celebrations as well.

Live music



Japanese taiko drum performance

Skilled musicians play Japanese taiko drums on board. The powerful sound of the drums and enthusiastic performance of the drummers are sure to enliven your event. This option is also perfect for entertaining important guests from overseas.



Live jazz

The refreshing sounds of jazz are perfectly suited to the cruise atmosphere and help guests feel good on board the cruiser. Live options range from a solo saxophonist to a jazz trio.



Women’s jazz ensemble performance

With this option, a jazz ensemble consisting of women only plays on board the passionate, powerful sounds of live jazz with its roots in the 1930s sound of the golden age of swing jazz. The sound of the women's music and their smiling faces are sure to make all guests feel happy.

Alps Ongakudan

This troupe of performers plays Alpen folk music, including polka, waltz, and dance numbers, that provides an opportunity for guests to enjoy the music together with the performers and is characterized by an up-tempo, positive feel that naturally inspires everybody on board to keep rhythm with the music.

Dressing up


Apparel rental (for the bride and groom)

This rental apparel option for the bride and groom is perfect for a cruise party for a wedding reception or afterparty. We offer a wide range of attractive options at reasonable prices.
Coordination with the apparel worn by bridesmaids is also recommended.



Apparel rental (for bridesmaids)

Why not have participants dress up to make your one-of-a-kind cruise party even more enjoyable? We offer a wide range of reasonably-priced apparel rental options for everybody.


Yukata robe rental

Yukata robes are an apparel option perfect for bringing out the feeling of summer. Since this plan includes accessories perfectly suited to the yukata robes along with fitting and hairstyling, it's all women need to become Japanese beauties like in photographs.

Decorations, equipment



Balloon decorations

With this option, artists decorate the cruiser with balloon art reflecting cute pop sensibilities. Balloon decorations create an extraordinary atmosphere on board, suited to follow-up wedding parties or even corporate anniversaries festooned with balloons in company colors.


Table flowers

We can decorate the boat and its tables with beautiful flowers, from simple accents to beautiful bouquets serving as wedding highlights. It's a recommended way to give the cruise a more luxurious feel.

Sakura cherry blossom decorations (viewing cherry blossoms on board)

We can decorate the floor and buffet counters on board with trees of artificial sakura cherry blossoms. These imitation blossoms make for a perfect party atmosphere and look great in photographs. This cherry blossom decorative option makes it possible to enjoy a cherry blossom cruise in any weather.

Shuttle services


Limousine transportation

Our limousines can transport guests from their homes or meeting places. This is a popular, satisfying option that makes the day feel special. Guests can board the cruiser in style directly from the limousine.

Shuttle bus

Our charter shuttle buses can pick guests up from anywhere. We offer buses in various sizes to suit your number of guests, eliminating any worry about guests getting lost. This option delivers powerful support for organizers planning large parties.

Dining, dessert


Cake arrangements (birthdays, welcome and farewell banquets, etc.)

Our cake options can make your celebration even more exciting. It is well suited to events such as birthdays and company anniversaries, or welcome and farewell banquets. It's sure to turn your cruise celebration into a special day that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Wedding cake arrangements

The wedding cake option is strongly recommended for wedding ceremony and afterparty cruises. Guests will enjoy the cake as dessert, and cutting the wedding cake and taking the first bites is a one-of-a-kind event that excites all guests.


Assorted fruits

We can serve an assortment of fruits at the end of a course. Colorful fresh fruits make the party even more gorgeous and help to cleanse the palate. This option is especially recommended for cruises with many women guests.


Dessert buffet

This option delivers an assortment of colorful cakes for dessert after the meal. Since it's served buffet style, guests can enjoy their favorite cakes to their hearts' content. It becomes even more attractive in combination with the assorted fruits option.




Champagne and sparkling wine for the toast

This option is certain to start the party with a grownup feel! A stylish champagne toast puts everybody in the best of moods from the start. It's a beverage option that's consistently popular for events such as wedding afterparties and women's parties.


Beer upgrade

Premium beers are available for those who want to toast their guests with a more luxurious taste. This option, which makes labels such as Suntory Premium Malt's and Asahi Super Dry available, is sure to satisfy even beer aficionados.

Free-flowing champagne

This slightly luxurious option lets guests drink champagne to their hearts' content. There's certainly no better way to make sure your party is something special.


Beer vendors

How about inviting on board the cruiser the energetic female beer vendors that are a familiar sight at baseball stadiums? Naturally, refills are free of charge! All guests are sure to be glad to have the energetic beer vendors fill their cups with refreshing cold beer.




Projector and screen

This equipment option is used widely in events such as follow-up wedding parties and company anniversaries. This equipment can be used for various purposes such as screening a film telling how the bride and groom fell in love or a slide show on the company's history.


DJ Equipment

Inviting a DJ is one highly-recommended way to enliven the party and bring guests together. This option includes all equipment the DJ needs, including turntables, speakers, and woofers, set up to match the cruiser used.




Digital bingo

A game of bingo is always a hit at a party! Attractive prizes for the winners are sure to make it even more exciting. Anniversary Cruise can provide state-of-the-art digital bingo machines and cards.



A banner is a recommended option when you want to add a distinctive, unifying touch to a company anniversary or other important commemoration. Decorating the cruiser and its interior, and having all guests hold up the banner in the group photo, is certain to increase the feeling of unity among all participants.


Professional photographer

With this option, a professional photographer who knows the secrets to capturing people's smiling faces will board the cruise. The photographer's works are sure to be images guests will treasure for a lifetime. Vivid professional photos will ensure the event is a lasting memory.


Arrangement of all prizes and giveaways

A number of attractive prizes is essential to enlivening the party with bingo and other games. This option arranging for all prizes to save the organizer the burden of arranging and managing them. We will handle all stages up to delivering prizes to match your budget on the day of the event.