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Cruising in the Odaiba area

Cruising attractions in the
Odaiba area

Odaiba offers some of the best of all views of the Tokyo waterfront among Tokyo Bay cruising areas. While anchored in Odaiba, which is surrounded by embankments, the boat is largely protected from shaking, making it a popular spot for commemorative photos on board, surrounded by 360° views of the Fuji TV building, high-rise condominium towers, and Rainbow Bridge.

Another major advantage of this area is the opportunity to combine two courses into one cruise, since it is so close to the Sumida River. You can see both Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree on a single cruise.

We will help you create your own optimal cruising plan to fulfill your wishes, proposing a charter cruise plan combining the best boat, cuisine, and options to meet the purpose of your cruise, your number of guests, and your budget.

Course map and highlights of the
Cruising in the Odaiba area



The Odaiba area, surrounded by embankments, is the most recommended cruising area on Tokyo Bay for its beautiful views, which attract numerous houseboats, cruisers, and other watercraft. It's also a reliable spot for commemorative photos taken on board—one that everybody can recognize at first glance.


Rainbow Bridge

This elegant sightseeing spot is a famous symbol of beautiful Tokyo Bay. You won't want to miss the unmatched view at the moment the cruiser passes beneath the bridge while it is illuminated in the colors of the rainbow during December and January.


Tokyo Tower

You can enjoy a view of this instantly recognizable symbol of Tokyo from a Tokyo Bay cruise. It's a popular sight year-round, with special seasonal illumination in the colors of the rainbow or a Christmas tree.