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Cruising in the Yokohama area

Cruising attractions in the
Yokohama area

With its long history as a port city, Yokohama is full of attractions that can only be enjoyed on a cruise. Chief among these is the view of the Minatomirai area, with its high-rise office buildings and giant Ferris wheel. Other attractions and spots on the Yokohama waterfront include the stirring Bay Bridge, the gantry cranes at Daikoku Pier, and the historic Redbrick Warehouse. On a charter cruise, you can make the rounds of all these spots, while also enjoying food and beverages to your heart’s content in total privacy.

Anniversary Cruise will help you create your own original cruising plan to meet your needs, proposing a plan combining the best cruiser, cuisine, and options to meet the purpose of your cruise, your number of guests, and your budget.

Course map and highlights of the
Cruising in the Yokohama area



The nighttime skyline of the high-rise buildings of the Minatomirai waterfront is a must-see on a night cruise of Yokohama. This area features a number of distinctive buildings, such as Landmark Tower and the crescent-shaped Intercontinental Hotel, symbolic of Yokohama. It's also a recommended starting point for a cruise, thanks to Pukari Pier and a wealth of retail facilities.


Yokohama Cosmo World

This spot featuring the world's largest clockwork Ferris wheel, 112.5 m high, is a familiar Yokohama landmark. It has space where cruisers can dock at its base for parties or barbeques. A group photo taken on the cruiser's deck, with Cosmo World as a backdrop, is also highly recommended.


Yokohama Bay Bridge

The beautiful silhouette of this massive cable-stayed (suspension) bridge totaling 860 m in length is a familiar symbol of Yokohama. When the weather is nice, the cruiser can pass directly beneath the Bay Bridge. The powerful view of the bridge spanning overhead is an outstanding sight that can be seen only on a Yokohama Cruise.