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Tenkuubashi pier

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Panoramic view of Tenkuubashi pier

This pier offers convenient access from Tenkubashi Station on the Keikyu and Tokyo Monorail lines.

Tenkuubashi pier entrance

The pier entrance is kept locked. Wait in front of the gate until staff announce boarding.

Tenkuubashi pier Boarding Area

A gentle ramp connects the pier entrance to the boarding area.

Tenkuubashi pier Waiting Area

There is also a waiting area near the entrance to the pier.
Please use the waiting area for meeting or waiting to board the ship.

Detail of Tenkuubashi pier


1-1-2 Haneda Kuko 1-chome, Ota-ku


Tenkubashi Station on the Keikyu Line

Tenkubashi Station on the Keikyu Line Approx. 1 min. walk from Exit A2

Tenkubashi Station on the Tokyo Monorail

After exiting from the turnstile on the first floor, enter the underground walkway from Exit A1 of the Keikyu Line station and proceed to Exit A2.

Approx. 1 min. walk from Exit A2


Since there are no shops or retail facilities near the pier, finish your shopping using the vending machines and shops in the station.


*Our staff will guide you to Haneda Airport Tenkubashi Pier after the boat has docked and all passengers have assembled.

*There is an indoor waiting room at Haneda Airport Tenkubashi Pier. Use it to meet up with others in your party and wait to board.

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