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Intermediate party/wedding reception cruise

Plan your own original, relaxing party

Intermediate party/wedding reception cruise features

An intermediate party after a wedding is a kind of party held in between the main reception and the afterparty.

It’s neither as formal as the reception nor as casual as the afterparty.


It’s a popular option as a reception for friends that is held by couples who wed in ceremonies overseas attended by only their families.


The party style can be customized freely to match the bride’s and groom’s preferences. We can arrange ceremonial parties, parties for which guests cover the costs, standing parties, sit-down parties.


We also can arrange a wedding ceremony on deck, with a wedding aisle and a minister.

We recommend a *nonreligious ceremony for those seeking a more casual atmosphere.

*This is a style of ceremony in which the bride and groom pledge their undying love to each other before all the guests present instead of a deity.


We also can arrange a wide range of dining options, including a buffet, barbeque, dessert buffet, or onboard sushi chefs. Combining a wide range of dishes is sure to increase guest satisfaction.


Another option is a wedding cake made to order. The first bite is a classic moment in the wedding party, one that brings the crowd to its feet.

・Let us know what kind of cake you would like. Examples include

・a cake with honeymoon memories as its motif,

・a cake depicting the route of the cruise, or

simply a large delicious wedding cake.



A popular performance is the maguro carving show, in which fresh maguro, instead of a wedding cake, is carved up to be enjoyed by the guests.



Anniversary Cruise can prepare the wedding dress too.


We offer quality wedding dresses at reasonable prices, with a choice of hundreds of dresses starting at 33,000 yen each, compared with the prices of 200,000-300,000 yen charged by hotels and wedding halls.

By keeping down the price of dress rental, you can upgrade the hospitality provided to the guests.



We also offer a wide range of options to enliven the cruise.

Wedding cake

Projector and screen

Live performances, DJ booth

Onboard decorations (balloons, flowers)

Balloon release

Professional photographers and cinematographers

Welcome board

Parting gifts and small mementos


More than 500 couples have celebrated their weddings with Anniversary Cruise wedding services.

See our blog for information about past wedding events.


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Our expert concierges are waiting to help you plan an event that will be an unforgettable moment for the bride and groom as well as all guests.


A once-in-a-lifetime wedding reception party

Leave it to Anniversary Cruise!

Cruise plan budget and overview

Operation period All year long
Price per person 8,000-25,000 yen
Minimum amount From 180,000 yen
Passenger range 2-600 persons

*Prices are subject to change depending on the vessel, cuisine, etc.