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An elegant restaurant ship that has won a Good Design Award

  • A spacious interior accommodating up to 450 passengers
  • A wide-open deck spanning two levels
  • The luxurious cabin interior was renovated in 2016.

This dining cruiser, which has won a Good Design Award, boasts an elegant exterior and a luxurious interior. Since it departs from the Hinode area, easily accessible from central Tokyo, it is used for a wide range of purposes including corporate events and weddings.

The interior, which underwent large-scale renovations in 2016, is a refined space fitted with party equipment perfectly suited to the elegant exterior. It can accommodate up to 450 passengers, and each level is divided into multiple floor areas.

On the open deck spanning two levels which were newly added in renovations, you can enjoy views of Tokyo Bay to your heart's content. The dynamic views it offers of sights such as Rainbow Bridge, Gate Bridge, and Odaiba are sure to prove unforgettable.

Details of the SYMPHONY CLASSICA[1]

The interior offers a wealth of floor area options, the largest of which can seat up to 90 guests.

Details of the SYMPHONY CLASSICA[2]

Since floor spaces are available in various sizes, you can reserve one that's perfect for the size of your party and the purpose of your cruise.

Details of the SYMPHONY CLASSICA[3]

Floor layouts can be rearranged freely, to suit a wide range of situations from formal to casual.

Details of the SYMPHONY CLASSICA[4]

The open deck is at the top of the elegant spiral staircase in the terrace.

Details of the SYMPHONY CLASSICA[5]

On the spacious open deck, you can enjoy the scenery of Tokyo Bay to your heart's content.

Details of the SYMPHONY CLASSICA[6]

This is a floor plan of the ship. Please feel free to contact us for the most suitable floor charter upon request.

Cruiser type Restaurant cruisers
Passenger capacity 450(including staff) passengers
Comfortable seating 250
Deck type A private deck spanning two levels open deck
Restroom type Available on every floor

Basic routes available when cruising on the SYMPHONY CLASSICA

Piers available when cruising on the SYMPHONY CLASSICA