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Filled with the history and dreams of the Port of Yokohama

  • Fully equipped with a spacious second-floor deck and aft deck
  • Its spacious cabin can accommodate seating up to 30 passengers or so.
  • A reasonably priced boat for a party in Yokohama

This reasonably priced Yokohama party boat also boasts a spacious party cabin that can seat about 40 people. Its exterior was reborn in 2015 with an attractive new paint job.

Details of the Yumehama[1]

Its spacious cabin can seat about 40 people. Its fixed layout is well suited for a wide range of parties.

Details of the Yumehama[2]

The comfortable sofa seating in the cabin helps to create a unified party space that's perfect for a wide range of uses.

Details of the Yumehama[3]

The spacious second-floor deck is fully furnished with tables and chairs. It's ideal for enjoying food and beverages as well as taking group photos.

Details of the Yumehama[4]

The unobstructed ocean views from the second-floor deck truly provide the ultimate experience of being out-of-doors. It features numerous seats so that passengers can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Cruiser type Medium-sized party boats
Passenger capacity 80 passengers
Comfortable seating Main floor 40
Deck type second-floor deck,aft deck
Restroom type shared1
Other CD, BBQ available

Basic routes available when cruising on the Yumehama

Piers available when cruising on the Yumehama