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River Sea

The cruiser of the future, dashing gallantly along the river

  • This cruiser's low body enables it cruise to up north the Sumida river without anyone worrying about tide levels.
  • Enjoy a cruise right above the water's surface.
  • The main floor, with its numerous tables, naturally creates a homelike atmosphere.

This cruiser is highly recommended for a cruise for a small number of passengers; you can cruise surrounded by the lights of the evening.

Details of the River Sea[1]

The cabin's main floor is a stylish, retro space surrounded by antique Western-style sofas.

Details of the River Sea[2]

The cabin includes various types of seating so guests can sit as they like.

Details of the River Sea[3]

The aft deck is a perfect place to enjoy the live performance of saxophone or others. You can also enjoy smoking!

Details of the River Sea[4]

The large windows on the floor provide broad maritime vistas.

Details of the River Sea[5]

The boat is surrounded by a viewing deck, perfect for getting away from it all amid the breezes of Tokyo Bay.

Details of the River Sea[6]

You can watch the captain navigate the boat in the front.

Cruiser type Medium-sized party boats
Passenger capacity 24 passengers
Comfortable seating 20
Deck type aft deck, fore deck
Restroom type shared1
Other Karaoke facilities, air conditioning, CDs

Basic routes available when cruising on the River Sea

Piers available when cruising on the River Sea