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Celebrity 2


An elegant white houseboat cruiser

  • Can accommodate large parties of 100 people or more per floor
  • Three floors provide the capacity to meet a wide range of situations
  • A multipurpose cruiser suited to corporate banquets, wedding afterparties—even music events
  • Also features spacious stages on the first and second floors
  • Equipped with features to satisfy even the most demanding planner, including the ability to adjust lighting in individual spots and acoustics on each floor.

The largest cruiser available for chartering for any purpose on Tokyo Bay, this craft can accommodate 200 people easily on its three floors. It's perfect as the final destination for a large corporate banquet or ceremony. It also is well suited to onboard musical parties, various receptions, wedding afterparties, welcome and farewell parties, graduation parties, thank-you parties, retirement parties, and parties held to honor new personnel.

Feel free to consult with us about your wedding-planning needs. We can propose options ranging from comprehensive wedding plans including a reception on board a chartered cruiser, apparel and parting gifts, and coordinators to all-inclusive afterparty plans including meals, all-you-can-drink beverages, and cruise charges.

This all-purpose cruiser, one of the leading craft on Tokyo Bay, is suitable for all hours, kinds of weather, and situations, with the elegant beauty of a white-walled ocean cruiser.

We recommend cruising at sunset, to experience the view with the lights on board turned both on and off at the right times.
You can count on the Celebrity 2 to deliver an unforgettable occasion.

360° video of the main floor (second floor)

360° video of the third-floor deck

Details of the Celebrity 2[1]

This is a recommended layout for a wedding afterparty on the second floor of Celebrity 2.

Details of the Celebrity 2[2]

This is a recommended layout for a full-course meal on the second floor of Celebrity 2.

Details of the Celebrity 2[3]

The first floor of Celebrity 2 also can accommodate various corporate presentations and press conferences. We recommend holding the event here during the first part of the cruise and holding an afterparty buffet on the second floor in the latter part.

Details of the Celebrity 2[4]

The impressive ocean view from the seating on the second floor of Celebrity 2. The large, double-hulled craft delivers a smooth cruise even on the open sea.

Details of the Celebrity 2[5]

The open deck on the third floor of Celebrity 2 is a perfect spot for large group photos and releasing balloons. This also is a recommended cruiser for viewing fireworks.

Details of the Celebrity 2[6]

The aft deck on the second floor of Celebrity 2. This multipurpose space can accommodate about 30 people for barbecuing and other activities. It also serves as a smoking area.

Details of the Celebrity 2[7]

The standard semi-stand-up layout is shown here: all chairs and tables on the 2nd floor can be moved to make it as close to the organizer's ideal as possible.

Details of the Celebrity 2[8]

This is how the seating layout looks like for 70 people. Please contact our concierge as soon as possible to make arrangements in advance.

Cruiser type Recommended cruisers、Large cruisers
Passenger capacity 210 passengers
Comfortable seating 2F floor 70, 1F floor 30
Deck type 2F rear deck, 3F deck
Restroom type Female 3 Male 2
Other Microphone, CD, iPod connection available (bring your own wiring), BBQ available, stage available

Basic routes available when cruising on the Celebrity 2

Piers available when cruising on the Celebrity 2