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Flower-viewing cruise (Odaiba, Sumida River)


Wouldn't you like to enjoy viewing flowers in abundance easily, comfortably, and in luxury without having to go through the trouble of securing a spot?

Flower-viewing cruise (Odaiba, Sumida River) features


Viewing cherry blossoms and other flowers is a spring tradition in Japan!

It’s also an event that’s perfectly suited to the welcome and farewell parties of the season!


But crowds increase at popular flower-viewing spots as the season peaks . . .

Making it hard to relax and fully enjoy the cherry blossoms.


That’s why we recommend a flower-viewing cruise!

On our fully chartered boats, you can enjoy viewing flowers to your heart’s content without worrying about other guests!




Some of the best spots for viewing cherry blossoms on this course are Tsukudajima, the Sumida River, and Hama-rikyu Gardens.




With luck, you might be able to see the cherry blossoms from this close.


A toast on deck with cherry-blossom-colored sparkling wine is a luxurious moment.




Welcome spring while enjoying traditional Japanese music, delicious foods and beverages, and the fragrant scent of the sake cask together with family, friends, and colleagues.


Nothing is more elegant than a tea party with matcha and Japanese confectioneries while enjoying the cherry blossoms . . .

It’s also a great environment for welcoming guests from overseas or entertaining clients.

Japanese cuisine choices are available too. Just let us know what you need!




The boats are fully air-conditioned for year-round comfort, and space heaters are available on deck during chilly weather.

The feeling of spring is enhanced on board by the tablecloth arrangements and tabletop decorations.




Many of our boats also feature karaoke equipment.

Small stages are available for banquet use as well.


Don’t miss this chance to enjoy flower viewing together in an out-of-the-ordinary environment!

Cruise plan budget and overview

Operation period End of March to mid-April every year
Price per person 7,000-22,000 yen
Minimum amount From 180,000 yen
Passenger range 2-120 persons
特記事項 Flower-viewing spots visible from the sea and rivers
◆ Sumida River
See the Bokutei sakura grove, planted at the command of the eighth Shogun Yoshimune, and those in the vicinity of Chuo Ohashi Bridge.
◆ Odaiba
The third and sixth forts built to defend the old capital city of Edo still remain today.
◆ Hama-rikyu Gardens
Hama-rikyu Gardens, a summer residence of the Shogun family, are a popular flower-viewing spot. The views from near Shioiri-no-Ike pond and the Nakajima-no-Ochaya teahouse are particularly beautiful.
◆ Meguro River
Here, the river surface reflects the colors of a veritable tunnel of cherry trees about 3.8 km long.
◆ Kanda River, Nihonbashi River
This course takes you up the Nihonbashi River from Nihonbashi and then down the Kanda River from Suidobashi.
It completes the loop by passing Akihabara to enter the Sumida River at Asakusabashi and then return to Nihonbashi.
◆ Oyoko River
Both banks of the Oyoko River between Etchujima and Monzennakacho are lined with cherry trees for hundreds of meters. The banks are so close to each other that it looks like the cherry trees reach into the river.
◆ Ooka River (Yokohama)
A row of 800 cherry trees blossoms along the Ooka River from Sakuragicho to Koganecho. Don't miss the fantastic view of cherry blossoms illuminated at night.

*Prices are subject to change depending on the vessel, cuisine, etc.