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New Year’s party cruise


Enjoy clear views of Mt. Fuji on a warm and comfortable cruise!

New Year’s party cruise features

While cruising in the middle of winter might sound like a chilly activity, our decks equipped with space heaters remain warm and comfortable.


The radiative cooling of winter makes even distant landmarks visible, resulting in clear views of the mountains beyond the city skyline.


We encourage passengers to take a stroll above deck to experience the beautiful winter views.

Why not welcome the New Year in the bracing atmosphere of a cruise, together with close friends, family, and colleagues?


Every year, numerous guests even spend the entire cruise on the deck, enjoying a hot beverage (shochu with hot water, or hot wine) next to the space heaters.


Of course, the interior also is fully temperature-controlled, so everybody can enjoy the cruise in comfort.


While many Japanese people like to visit a shrine or temple together with their New Year’s party, why not offer your prayers for the New Year to the famed peak of Mt Fuji?


Sacred mountains visible from Tokyo Bay

Mt. Fuji (3,776 m): The tallest peak in Japan

Mt. Hiru (1,673 m): The tallest peak in Kanagawa Prefecture

Mt. Kumotori (2,017 m): The tallest peak in Tokyo

Mt. Sampo (2,483 m): The tallest peak in Saitama Prefecture

Yatsugatake (2,899 m): A mountain group extending 30 km north-south

Mt. Kita (3,193 m): The second tallest peak in Japan

Mt. Asama (2,568 m): The symbol of Karuizawa

Mt. Tsukuba (877 m): The tallest peak in Ibaraki Prefecture

Mt. Nokogiri (330 m): The tallest peak in Chiba Prefecture

Cruise plan budget and overview

Operation period January to early February each year
Price per person 8,000-25,000 yen
Minimum amount Fron 180,000 yen
Passenger range 2-220 persons

*Prices are subject to change depending on the vessel, cuisine, etc.