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Year-end and New Year’s parties with social distancing on a chartered cruise


A venue for a new kind of year-end party with social distancing!

Year-end and New Year’s parties with social distancing on a chartered cruise features

COVID-19 has led to major changes in our everyday lives.


Why not let out the fatigue of the past year through a year-end or New Year’s party in an out-of-the-ordinary environment, while still helping to stop the spread of the virus by avoiding crowds and wearing masks, and washing the hands and rinsing the mouth?

We recommend year-end and New Year’s parties in a private venue that practices social distancing on a chartered cruise, with zero contact with large crowds and ventilation available in mere seconds.



(i) A private venue that practices social distancing!
Anniversary Cruise offers a choice of more than 70 boats.
You can choose from a wide range of boats to suit the size of your party, from compact boats with capacity for 2-10 passengers to ones that can hold 20, 30, 100, or more people!
To assist with social distancing, we also can propose cruisers with larger capacities than the number of passengers planned.


(ii) Zero contact with large crowds!
It’s been reported that large crowds of strangers are a particular risk for spreading COVID-19. Since our venues are fully private, only for parties with reservations, there’s no risk of contact with large crowds.
We sterilize the boat’s interior with alcohol-based disinfectant before the guests arrive, and we ask guests to take their temperatures and use a hand sanitizer.
(iii) Ventilation is available in a few seconds
While some people worry that a boat may be poorly ventilated, that’s not the case at all.
Each boat is equipped with windows and doors that can be used to ventilate the interior at any time, and since the boat itself is moving, the exchange of the air inside and outside takes place smoothly.
The boats are heated to keep their interiors warm, and some boats have space heaters on deck so passengers can relax in comfortable warmth outdoors as well.
A year-end or New Year’s party on a chartered cruise is an excellent way to enable colleagues and people you want to thank for helping out over the past year to relax in an out-of-the-ordinary environment, with peace of mind.



Anniversary Cruise stresses not only stopping the spread of COVID-19 but party content as well.
Choose from Japanese, Western, or Chinese cuisine, with a wide range of choices including bento made with high-grade wagyu beef and prepared with care to stop the spread of the virus, full-course meals, a personal barbeque setup for each guest, or a plan that brings a sushi chef on board.


We offer a wide range of options including bingo, a magician, dancers, and other live performances to enliven your year-end or New Year’s party even more, as well as a shuttle bus that can be fully ventilated in just five minutes!

Relieve the stresses of the past year with a year-end party conducted with care for social distancing.
Get energized for the next year while enjoying the clear skies of a winter evening and the glittering lights of Tokyo, drink in hand, with Anniversary Cruise.


We are carrying out thorough, enhanced sanitation management to stop the spread of COVID-19, so everybody can enjoy their cruise with peace of mind.

Cruise plan budget and overview

Operation period Early December to early January
Price per person 7,000-50,000 yen
Minimum amount From 160,000 yen
Passenger range 2-600 persons

*Prices are subject to change depending on the vessel, cuisine, etc.