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Renovated party cruisers

  • This cruiser began sailing in 2018 after a long-awaited renovation
  • A spacious cruiser that can accommodate guests on a single floor
  • A second-floor deck perfect for group photos
  • Its interior design based on the concept of the brilliance of the deep sea depicts deep-sea shells, sand, and water in brilliant pink and blue.

With a spacious single-floor space combining the first floor with the second-floor deck, it can easily accommodate even large parties. It can serve a wide range of parties, from stand-up to sit-down dining.

The luxuriant brilliance of its state-of-the-art LED ceiling lighting creates an exciting atmosphere for an onboard party.

【Sample layouts on board the Lucas】

Details of the Lucas[1]

The large windows along the side of the floor provide beautiful views of Tokyo Bay for all on board.

Details of the Lucas[2]

This is a sample layout for sit-down dining. Buffet tables can be set up in front of the bar.

Details of the Lucas[3]

You can fully adjust the colors of state-of-the-art LED ceiling lighting to create the atmosphere you desire.

Details of the Lucas[4]

We recommend the spacious second-floor deck for group photos. It also is perfect for various other options such as releasing balloons.

Details of the Lucas[5]

Climb to the second deck level from the aft deck. Separate men's and women's restrooms are available as well.

Details of the Lucas[6]

This is a sample on-board layout. Some tables and chairs may be rearranged as you like. Ask your concierge.【Sample layouts on board the Lucas】

Details of the Lucas[7]

The entire cruiser shines in LED lighting. This is certain to attract attention during an evening cruise.

Details of the Lucas[8]

You also can realize a fantastic atmosphere with LED illumination on deck.

Details of the Lucas[9]

The Lucas illuminated in rainbow lighting expresses our support for going on a cruise that all people can enjoy as they are, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Cruiser type Recommended cruisers、Large cruisers
Passenger capacity 120 passengers
Comfortable seating 1st floor approx.64
Deck type aft deck, second-floor deck
Restroom type femal1, male1
Other 2 microphones, CD, iPod connection available (bring your own wiring), Large 60-inch TV monitor

Basic routes available when cruising on the Lucas

Piers available when cruising on the Lucas