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Anniversary Cruise has over 70 different boats with 7 different styles to meet the needs for your next event. Whether it's a party, mixer, anniversaries, events or outing with your family or just hanging out with your friends, we can accommodate big or small cruises in Tokyo Bay or Yokohama Bay. We also cater to your budget looking to fit the best quality for whatever budget you may have. BBQ cruise, birthday cruise, fireworks, or just a cruise for having fun at night. You can enjoy the best view of Tokyo or Yokohama from decks of a suitable boat for your needs.

1.Small Cruiser2 to 12 Passengers

For dating for couples, home parties in Spring or Autumn, or personal parties, small boats are suitable for those cruises. You can enjoy it not only in Tokyo or Yokohama but also in Hakkeijima for marine sports. Most of the boats have a deck with 360 degree panorama view available.

2.Medium Cruisers (Stylish Type) 2 to 40 Passengers

These stylish boats are perfect for treating VIP guests or merely enjoying the high-class atmosphere of the western styled boats in Tokyo or Yokohama. Some boats can go faster and some have equipment such as kitchen and living inside, and they are available to stay overnight when you would like to go far from Tokyo or Yokohama. Available on any occasions like BBQ cruises, marine sports, and so on.

3.Medium Cruisers (Retro/Antique Type) 2 to 44 Passengers

You can feel retro and antique with woody interior. We recommend them to those who love calm or nostalgic atmosphere. Most of the boats have a rooftop deck, so you can enjoy the beautiful view of Tokyo or Yokohama from the deck. Also we recommend them to those who want to feel easy and to enjoy cruise itself. These boats are suitable for anniversaries and celebrations. We can also make the arrengement to book japanese toraditional boats, yakatabune as well.

4.Medium Cruiser – Party Type (Plain Cruiser) 2 to 90 Passengers

These party type boats are suitable for any variety of parties. Although the capacity is large, we can offer you them with more reasonable price. They are optimum for weddings, and musical or dance parties as well. On board with casual available. Most of the boats have a rooftop deck, so you can enjoy the view of Tokyo and Yokohama. AND! Flat type boats are available to go north on Sumida River. As the flat type boats we can provide you not only western style but also yakatabune as well.

5.Large Party Ship (Plain – Various Decks) 2 to 220 Passengers

With large party boats are perfect for every event and can be catered to your needs. Weddings, birthday parties, graduations, musical events, any kinds of celebration, and many more. All boats have a rooftop deck, so you can enjoy the view of Tokyo and Yokohama from the deck. We perfectly recommend them for all of you who are planning a large party. Your cruise will be succeeded.

6.Large Ship (Share Cruiers) 2 to 600 Passengers

Larger ships in Tokyo bay and Yokohama bay. You can book them as using for pairs, one private room or whole ship at lunch, sunset or dinner time. They are carried as regular line and time basically, but if you use whole ship for a event, you are available to use it at any time depending a budget. With luxuary interior and space like hotels, they are suitable for a glamorous wedding, a formal reception party, a social event and so on. We offer you food which professional chefs cook and decorate.

7.BBQ Ships 2 to 90 Passengers

As the structure is simple, facilities are put in order and it is their feature that boats have open deck. With flat type boats, it is easier to pass through under bridges like Sumida River. It means you can go to a cherry tree cruise and a canal cruise as well in Tokyo or Yokohama. It is very suitable to have a cruise party with friends, such as BBQ, beer garden style, Ohana-mi (Cherry Blossom Watching) and so on.

-Tokyo (Edo) Style Sushi A sushi master chef on the board, for preparing an assortment of sliced raw fish and sushi served up in a traditional wooden boat tray to the use of fresh fish from Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo to the simple beauty and finest delicacies of prominent restaurants. Enjoy real sushi on your cruise.

-Tie-up with a famous Italian restaurant One of the most famous Italian restaurants in Tokyo "Mario I Sentieri (Owned by Chef Mario Frittoli, who frequently appears on NHK's "Asaichi") cooperates with us and serve you up a high-quality Italian food on your cruise.

At Anniversary Cruise, there's no limit with your food selections-enjoy a variety of foods that you love to eat. Select from different catering menus to fit your budget and requirements. The food served during your cruise is custom-selected by you. A menu the way you want it is just one of the reasons that has led to our high customer satisfaction. Food we serve makes your cruise more unforgetable.

We feature 7 different menus, ranging from delicious light meals (A course) to decadent seafood barbecue (G course). Italian food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Sushi, BBQ, etc. You can arrange any courses as you want. You want to eat a lot? We recommend BBQ for you. will women come to your cruise? What about choosing dessert buffet in addition. We have something for everyone. The choice is yours!

At Anniversary Cruise you can choose one from 3 based major routes, Tokyo Odaiba are, Yokohama area, or Sumida River. However, you can also alter and pick your course as you may like, such as Factory Night View Cruise or Haneda Airport Cruise (Airplane Arrival and Departure). Anniversary Cruise provides full service to our customers down to the finest detail. Interested in seeing Rainbow Bridge from a boat? All routes are changeable within the allotted time frame.

※ Price is determined by Boat Type, Day of the Week, Time of Day, Length of Cruise Time, The number of Passengers, Food Course, Place (Tokyo or Yokohama), and extra options if included.
※ We will make your cruise plan and show the estimate for free. Average minimum amount is 70,000 yen (Boat-Chartering Fee and for 2 passengers).
※ Transportation fees (when applicable) are included in the total price as much as we can when the traffic to a pier is not accessible.
※ Please finalize food and the number of passengers 7 days before your cruise date.

All cruises are custom-made for you! * Download a collection of cruise ideas here (Japanese Only)

Boats was moored at the best location, less than 100 meters from firework launch pad near Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo.It is the epitome of summer in Japan and our guests were able to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in a more private space. No buildings, no obstacles. This is one of the most wonderful and impact events and cruises. Next I want to watch another fireworks, especially Sumida River one.

Sky Tree is one of famous spots in Tokyo for sightseeing now. It seems very special to look up the majestic aspect from the boat. Also the streets along Sumida River were lined wih pink and white cherry trees. The reflection in the water is phenomenal! We will try to use yakatabune next for foreign friends to know my Japan.

Hakkei Island, Yokohama. It is fantastic for diving and adventure for those who have curiosity. We got the chance to try out an amazing Mediterranean BBQ on the boat! Wave and wind today was calm and sky was very clear. We enjoyed everything during cruise we did at this day. Vast blue ocean with best friends. It was a great anniversary!

Balloon Release & Live Sax Music on a boat. Countless balloons were flown all together with the shout of "Happy Birthday!" With sax music playing in the background during cruise, everyone loved the freedom of cruise and the feeling of happiness. It is the best party ever!

Attending many events in the past, it was first time for me to hold a party as Tokyo cruise and on the boat that was lit up all blue. I was so impressive that I realized there is a way of production like this. Everyone was quite impressed as well!

We did not expect we were able to book and charter a boat for our company celebration. All participantsa were excited and enjoyed this cruise event. Extraordinary atmosphere and entartainments. We think we use charter cruise again!

It is natural for certain that every customer has his/her own plan and image for the cruise by contents, budget, passengers and so on. We, Anniversary Cruise, do our best to accommodate every customer request. Our professional team would like to make sure that everything, down to the finest detail, meets with customer satisfaction for your cruise.

Top-class variety of boats, food and extra options among the cruise industry in Tokyo and Yokohama. We make sure that we would provide you them in order to meet your need for cruise. Our top priority is that we satisfy every customers with offering a suitable plan and that you enjoy your cruise.

Anniversary Cruise was designed by the professional event planning group, SPICE SERVE Co., Ltd. (//, whose expertise led to more than 400 successful events annnually. Not only is Mid-Blue a leader in proposing attractive cruise events from the organizer's point-of-view, but they also suggest the best advice for attracting more guests!

Our professional staff will handle everything from arranging boats, cabin staff and drivers of the boat. We also arrange and book food, drink, sounds, images and even camera support. Please leave everything to us. All you do is to tell us what you would like to do in your cruise.

we offer you luxury cruise tours with reasonable price nearly the same price you would pay for first-class dining restaurants in Tokyo. We have direst contacts with boat owners or captains making our services by far the best. Additionally, we can propose a detailed cruise service according to your requirements, so we can make your cruise enjoyalbe with resonable price and the best plan for you.