Saxophone PlayerSaxophone Player

Gorgeous timbre is very suitable for cruises with having wine or for coples suxh as in serene atmosphere. Enjoy the luxury time with your important person.


Are you looking for a entertainer to make your guests enjoyale and surprise? How about adding a magician or a performer to your cruise? We can cater to all your interests and desires by hiring top-quality performers to bring a bit of magic.

Flute PlayerFlute Player

We provide you a very stylish cruise with saxofone performance. We recommend it to those who need passionate atmosphere.

Magician & PerformersMagician & Performers

Elegant and delicate sound of flute is suitable for lunch cruises. Enjoy the gorgeous lunch time with tea or coffee.


It is available that we offer you DJ equipments or that you bring it yourself. We can find you the best DJ for your special cruise. With open stage surrounded by sea and blue sky, enjoy your cruise with the music you love.


With an excellent and beat music, we provide you a passionate time by a dance performance. You can choose one you like from various dance styles.

Bingo ServiceBingo Service

Everyone loves the thrill of a game, bingo. Bringing gifts is the complement of a lively party.