Value Up!Value Up!
Top-Quality StaffTop-Quality Staff

Gorgeous lady will be serving for you. They work for making a flawless event that would be remembered for all time.


Not only BBQ we offer you is top quality but also you can make food on your cruise higher with A5 rank japanese beef, lobsters, scallops and so on. All dishes are fresh from the wholesale company.

Event PresenterEvent Presenter

In order to make a high quality event, exceptional staff is also important. Enjoy more comfortable and professional atmosphere with excellent staff members, servers and the best hosts for your luxurious party.

Top Quality BBQTop Quality BBQ

If you are in need of a guide to direct time, schedule, and party event during your cruise, we can also provide such a service. Our event presenters are top-quality. They will assist you to make your cruise successful.

Top-Quality Sushi ServiceTop-Quality Sushi Service

With the hands of a stylish professional sushi craftsman, you can try and enjoy a taste of Edo-style finest sushi from Tsukiji.

BBQ RentalBBQ Rental

It is very delicious to have BBQ with blue sea and sky! Meat, seafoods, vegetables. This is No.1 satisfaction option! Enjoy BBQ on your cruise.

Beer ServiceBeer Service

Canned beer does not look suitable on a stylish cruise. What about having beer from a server? We offer you it for free! Enjoy cold beer on your cruise.