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Premium Floating Lounge

  • Totaling 25 feet in length
  • A new cruiser first launched in September 2018
  • A luxurious lounge on the water that's perfect for simple parties
  • The blue LED lighting after sunset increases the level of excitement.
  • The aft seating converts to a luxurious bed.
  • Features an automatic awning that closes to protect passengers from light rain.
  • A design combining a white body with gray lines and orange flames
  • With high-quality Bluetooth speakers, you can bring your favorite music.

The entire surface of this pontoon-boat cruiser is an open deck.
Its greatest appeal is the luxurious interior equipped with sofas, beds, and chairs to fit every situation, accommodating up to 12 people in comfort.

The luxurious interior surrounded by sofa seating is truly a floating lounge.
It's perfect for elegant river cruises to mark various special occasion with those you care about.

This new cruiser first launched in September 2018
is one of the largest pontoon party boats on Tokyo Bay.

Details of the Qwest[1]

The blue LED lighting shining against the backdrop of nighttime waterfront views draws out the unique atmosphere of this cruiser.

Details of the Qwest[2]

With an interior layout encompassed in sofa seating, you can enjoy a luxurious party on the water for any situation.

Details of the Qwest[3]

An awning can be extended to protect passengers from light rain. Its pontoon-boat design also makes it possible to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere like the shade of trees.

Details of the Qwest[4]

This new cruiser, which first launched in September 2018, is one of the largest pontoon party boats anywhere.

Details of the Qwest[5]

The aft seating also converts to a luxury bed.

Details of the Qwest[6]

As a low pontoon boat, it can easily reach hidden spots on the Meguro River or elsewhere. The wide-open Quest provides the best experience of illumination and cherry blossoms on the Meguro River!

Details of the Qwest[7]

As a wide-open pontoon boat, it provides a chance to experience the sunset and the scenery of Tokyo Bay to the maximum.

Details of the Qwest[8]

This is a diagram of the interior of the Qwest. See here for layouts.

Cruiser type Small cruisers
Passenger capacity 12 passengers
Comfortable seating Main floor 12
Deck type Fore seating (6), aft seating (6), aft bar (2)
Restroom type none
Other 19 drink holders, blankets available, Bluetooth available, BBQ, Lounge CRIB compatible, Piers available

Basic routes available when cruising on the Qwest

Piers available when cruising on the Qwest