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Grand Banks

A romantic resort cruiser

  • This compact cruiser is fully equipped with a second-floor deck and an aft deck!
  • Its classical onboard atmosphere has the warmth of natural wood.
  • Enjoy barbecuing in the wide-open spaces on the aft deck!

This resort cruiser combines a classic interior based on natural wood with spacious second-floor and aft decks. It provides the opportunity to experience the attractions of Tokyo Bay to the fullest in a comfortable interior and on its wide-open decks. The aft deck also can be used for barbecuing in the open air, surrounded by sea and sky!

Don't miss this promotional video of the Grand Banks, taken using an aerial drone, to see how it really feels to cruise the open sea on this elegant cruiser.

Details of the Grand Banks[1]

The comfortable, classical interior with warmth of the wood. It seats up to eight, and it can be used together with the aft deck to form a single party space.
*Please remove footwear in the cabin.

Details of the Grand Banks[2]

The aft deck is fully equipped with tables and chairs. Use it together with the interior cabin to form a single party space.

Details of the Grand Banks[3]

Since the aft deck is equipped with tables and chairs, you can eat and drink to the accompaniment of beautiful views. You also can climb to the second-floor deck.

Details of the Grand Banks[4]

The second-floor deck has sofa seating where you can enjoy the sea and breezes of Tokyo Bay.

Details of the Grand Banks[5]

Despite its compact size, this cruiser also is equipped with a fore deck. It's a perfect spot for taking in the sun and sea breezes.

Details of the Grand Banks[6]

The entire cruiser is illuminated in warm lighting at night.

Cruiser type Recommended cruisers、Small cruisers
Passenger capacity 12 passengers
Comfortable seating Main floor 8 persons
Deck type 2nd deck, aft deck, forward deck
Restroom type 1 shared restroom
Other BBQ available

Basic routes available when cruising on the Grand Banks

Piers available when cruising on the Grand Banks